Wednesday, 20 December 2017

How to play roulette wheel on the web?

Roulette is an interesting casino games that involves a spinning wheel and an ivory ball. It is a number game. The wheel spins and the ball is tossed on the spinning wheel. The ball jumps on the roulette before sitting in one of the pockets.

Let’s understand the game and try playing it online

The wheel

It has 36 pockets and one zero. The pockets are colored for quick recognition. The numbers are written in a random manner to make the game more interesting. Random numbering on the wheel makes it difficult to recognize numbers on spinning wheel and the game becomes more exciting. Experienced gamblers say that the wheel is spun in a specific way and that the numbers can be recognized on spinning wheel.

The ball

It is a small ivory ball of a specific shape, size and weight. The croupier at the table sends the ball to the spinning wheel. In live roulette Malaysia, you can see the croupier sending the ivory ball to the spinning wheel and like an experienced gambler; you can try determining the pocket the ball will sit on and the winning number. You will see the ball jumping from one pocket to another before sitting on a number.


Colors play a crucial role in the game of roulette. You can try recognizing a number from its color. For instance, colors help recognizing odd and even numbers. When betting, you can bet on colors. These bets are called outside bets. We’ll discuss different forms of bets in later part of the blog. 12 win casino Malaysia online will provide you the pleasure of playing roulette wheel on your PC. You can see the entire game while sitting before your computer within the comfort of your home.


You can place inside bets that are determining the number the ball will sit on or you can choose to place outside bet that is color of the pocket, odd/even, group and corner numbers. Inside bets pay more than outside bets but former are difficult to win. Technological advancement has made it possible to play roulette on mobile. Download android live casino on your mobile and enjoy playing roulette wheel on mobile.

Open your betting account with an online casino and also download its app on your mobile. The casino would provide you bonus for gambling but the bonus would come with wagering requirement. Go through wagering requirement of online casinos before choosing one for opening your gambling account. 

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