Wednesday, 23 March 2016

How much amount makes the best online casino bonus?

Bonus amount is the biggest attraction of online casinos but there are some factors that gamblers must look into when looking for bonus amount. The first factor is amount itself. Know how much are you getting in bonus before opening your gambling account with an online casino.

Free money comes with restrictions. For instance, you might be discouraged from playing your favorite games. Also you might not be allowed to use full bonus mount. These restrictions are imposed to encourage gamblers to use their hard gambling money. Sometimes money isn’t paid but gamblers are allowed to play selected games for free.

If you’re opening an account with an online casino and you expect high bonus then you should first go through terms and conditions of for use of the free money instead of opening the account for the best online casino bonus. Ideally you should get up to 100% or at least more than 50% of your account opening money in bonus and you should left free to spend the free money as you please.

Shop around to see how much bonus do the leading casinos are giving and compare their bonus amount and also compare their terms and conditions to choose the best casino. Getting 50% bonus with freedom to use the bonus is better than 100% bonus that comes with restrictions. Do your research and try getting maximum in bonus.

Gamblers especially newcomers are always after high bonus amount because they see it as a ticket to enjoy gambling for free. Bonus amount provides more play time and also it is an assurance that the online casino you are playing on has customer centric policies.  

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