Friday, 24 March 2017

What should you know about casino discount before opening your gambling account?

It isn’t a surprise that many people turn to gambling just because they are offered free money for playing casino games. No deposit bonus is the prime attraction as the gamblers incurs no debt while gambling but enjoys casino games to the full.

Here we’ll discuss basics of casino discount; its objective and advantage for gamblers

Casino Discount

When you open an online gambling account with an online casino, you’re offered bonus amount that is free money by the club. Why this amount, when you’re ready to gamble with your money? This question could come to your mind but here you’re missing a fact that the account is opened to get free money. The opportunity is to make more money with the bonus amount. If you win, you’ll have plenty of money in your gambling account and you can withdraw the winnings for enjoyment.

Is it easy to withdraw winnings with free money?

Bonus money is never free as it has rider. You can keep playing and winning with free money but can’t withdraw the winning until you meet a wagering requirement determined by the casino. Live casino welcome bonus could double your gambling amount but you can’t withdraw the amount until you meet the wagering requirement. 
What is wagering requirement?

An online casino is a business establishment and it works for profit. If it allows gamblers to play and win with free money and then withdraw their winnings then the casino will become bankrupt in short time. Even the top live casino Malaysia can’t allow gamblers to withdraw free money. A minimum wagering requirement is set for gamblers. But gamblers are allowed to spend required amount over different games and over a period of time. 

What is the advantage of casino discount?

You could ask that when gamblers aren’t allowed to withdraw their winnings before meeting wagering requirements then what is theadvantage of free money. Its advantage is that it provides an opportunity to try your luck on new games without risking your hard earned money. Also free money increases gambling time. 

What is the highest bonus?

It is 100% of account opening amount. If you open your gambling account with $100 and you’re offered 100% bonus then you’ll get $100 more in your account and the total sum will be $200. It is exciting but you should wait before you take a decision in haste. See the conditions for using spending the bonus money and wagering requirement for withdrawal.  

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